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About Company

"Research and Production Enterprise "Realizatsiya Ecologicheskikh tekhnologiy" (eng.: "Implementation of Ecological Technologies"; abbr. NPO RET) was founded in 1992; it has been developing and producing new types of high concentration humic chemicals under the trademark Lignohumate, and also humate containing organic and mineral fertilizers.

In the late 1980-ies Leningrad-based scientists developed a new method of processing lignin-containing organic material with humic substances at the output. During the 1990-ies the company's specialists further developed this idea on the industrial scale and finally offered non-waste technologies of producing humic substances. To produce industrial humic chemicals or Lignohumates, industrial lignin-sulfonates or hydrolytic lignins are used as raw stock. This renewable stock is produced in Russia in accordance with registered specifications and sanitary norms in effect. Over the years the research team and specialists of NPO RET have been constantly improving the technology of producing an ever broader range of humic preparations. Various forms and modifications of humic chemicals and their combinations with mineral/organic fertilizers and also with plant protectors have been for years tested at dozens of agricultural institutions and agro-chemical centres in Russia and other countries. First tests were carried out at the Soil Department of the School of Chemistry of Moscow State University under the leadership of Prof. D.S.Orlov, whose disciples have been consulting our research team till the present day.

The work done has made it possible to register and market locally and internationally several modifications of relatively cheap humic chemicals that can successfully compete with and even beat most popular Russian and foreign products of the same type. At present Lignohumate is registered also in the Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Republic of Moldova, in some European and North American countries. In Germany and Slovakia Lignohumate has been registered as a Clean Agriculture Product.

Apart from Lignohumate, we have had formal state examinations and industrial registration for humated organic-mineral fertilizers (Rus.: GOMU) based on mineral fertilizers produced in Russia. Application of such fertilizers helps reduce application rates for them and alleviate their load upon the soil and ecosystem in general.

Since 2004 we've been producing custom GOMU-chemicals. OOO "GERA" company offers GOMU products under our license.

In 2008 we have agreed it with ARVI company (Lithuania) that humated mineral fertilizers would be produced there for EU countries.

Below are our most important areas of activity related to production and marketing of various forms of Lignohumate:

  • delivery of the products to agricultural firms working in open land or hothouse, to individual farmers and regional dealers;
  • delivery of Lignohumate to plants producing mineral fertilizers, as one of the components for their products;
  • delivery of Lignohumate to plants producing new types of organic fertilizers and soils;
  • delivery of Lignohumate to factories producing plant protectors and bio-fertilizers, to be used as a component of complex preparations;
  • wholesale deliveries of the products to companies dealing with soil rehabilitation and restoration, including those in urban areas and near motorways.
  • wholesale deliveries of the products to commercial companies selling retail.

Our products and new developments are regularly presented at all major Russian and European farming fairs and exhibitions where their high quality is duly appraised and therefore brings medals and certificates.

  • Gold Medal of International Exhibition "Russian Farmer", Saint-Petersburg, 2001;
  • Gold Medal of International Exhibition "Gardener and Farmer", Moscow, 2003;
  • Gold Medal "The Russian Field's Day ", 2006;
  • Golden Class, with a Flower, of European Agricultural Show "Zeme Zivitolka", Česke Budějovice, the Czech Republic, 2006;
  • Gold Medal of the All-Russian Exhibition "Dacha (Rus. for "a country cottage with a garden"), Garden, Vegetable Garden", Moscow, 2006;
  • Silver Medal of the International Exhibition "Biotechnologies of the XXI Century", Moscow, 2007;
  • Silver Medal of the International Exhibition "Biotechnologies of the XXI Century", Moscow, 2008;

Since 2008 the geography of Lignohumate application has largely expanded only to cover 40 regions of Russia and more than 15 other countries, including EU, USA and Canada.

NPO RET is an official sponsor of world-renowned museum parks of Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast (Region). Within the company we have set up an agricultural centre with a consultancy team that serves our clients.


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