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Experience of Lignohumate KD application in fish breeding

Lignohumate D – the means, activating the growth, immunity and resistance of fishes. PROPERTIES. Humic substances have stimulating influence on the basic links of metabolism in an organism of fish. There is an optimization of mineral balance in muscular fabrics, appetite of fish and comprehensibility of the eaten forage improves, the work of stomach-intestinal path is normalized. In whole, it provides the acceleration of a gain of weight of a body of fish and raises nonspecific resistibility of an organism.
Lignohumate D is a sorbent of heavy metals, radio-nuclides and other toxic substances which are in water. The mechanism of action of the product is based on the linkage of poisonous substances by humic complexes, that sharply reduces their harmful influence on fish. This means is chemically - and light- stable.

INDICATIONS FOR USE. Lignohumate D is used for growth and colouring stimulation of little and adult fishes, for optimization of quality of aquarium water, for improvement of conditions of the maintenance and spawning of the fishes, usually living in rich with humic substances water. It is also offered for increase of survival rate of fishes at their cultivation, especially at early stages of development.
WAY of APPLICATION. For growth and colouring stimulation of young fish 2g of Lignohumate D dissolve in 250-300 ml of warm boiled water and bring in 100l of water of an aquarium once in three days. For reception of the best result the means is to be added into the water from the moment of the beginning of getting out of larvae, and further within 18-36 days. It is necessary to mention that the growth-stimulating effect of the means is completely shown at high-grade feeding and care of youth. For optimization of conditions of spawning and the keeping of corresponding kinds of fishes Lignohumate D is added into water under the above-stated scheme constantly or for the period of spawning. For the purpose of air-conditioning of water the means is brought unitary, with repetition if necessary.

CONTRAINDICATIONS And BY-EFFECTS. At means application according to the present instruction by-effects and complications are not observed, except for the weak light brown colouring of water in an aquarium. The filters supplied with sorbents, are capable to absorb Lignohumate D from water solutions. Besides application in decorative fish culture Lignohumate D is applied at cultivation of carps on piscicultural farms.

The tests were carried out at a carp hatchery.

•Lignohumate was applied in doses recommended by experienced aquarians. Lignohumate was added to water, while water temperature decreased from 25° to 11.
Typically, in this period high death rate is observed, since trauma incidence raises, and healthy carps would attack sick ones. After Lignohumate was added to water, there were no more attacks, and injured carps fully recovered very quickly.
At water temperature 11 carps eat twice a week, while at 17, once a day, and ingest food more rapidly. In water with Lignohumate carps feeding pattern was the same as in warm water.
In water with Lignohumate no ammonia was detected; ammonia is known to accumulate gradually, as a result of fish life activity.
There was an isolated case of fish being infected with "salomonicylla" bacterium. This bacterium is known to be hosted by fish for 7 to 14 days of their lives.There is no cure for this disease.
Since the fish in question was an inexpensive one (ca. $ 4000), its owner decided to relocate it to a separate aquarium with Lignohumate additive. The fish has been living there ; its health gradually improves, and it ingests food quite satisfactorily.

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