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Lignohumate as forage additive

In recent years humic preparations were demonstrated as most efficient probiotics in aviculture. Slight doses of humic matters have material effect onto principal phases of metabolism, which results in gain in poultry live weight, higher body resistance to unfavourable ambient conditions, and higher laying ability.

E.g., according to tests carried out in Sverdlov Oblast, addition of sodium humate to feed for broilers since their age of 10-20 days in the amount of 250 mg per 1 kg forage yielded growth in live weight by 5-10%, and survival fraction by 3-5%. In the tests carried out in Irkutsk Oblast broilers received humates since birth; as a result, average weight of a 40 days-old broiler increased by 10%, while loss of poultry decreased by 47%. Humate in form of 0,1% water solution was added to drinking water. According to analysis, humate promotes protein metabolism efficiency, detected by increase in crude protein contained in birds' serum and muscles. Assimilation of forage improves due to normalization of metabolism, which, in turn, causes redistribution of macro- and microelements levels in chickens' blood and liver. All this results in lowering specific forage consumption. Potassium humates in animal breeding were demonstrated as contributors to more efficient forage digestibility, which allows usage of less caloric low-concentration forage with grain share as low as 20%.

As far as animal breeding and poultry farming are concerned, addition of humic preparations to combined forage, drinking water, premixes or polysalts is the most practical method of their application.

Particularly efficiently humic preparations may be used if mixed with mineral feed supplements. E.g., sodium Lignohumate contained in humic shell or mechanical mixture with defluorinated phosphate supplied by JSC PHOSPHORITE substantially increase share of assimilated phosphorus, thus boosting mineral metabolism in animals and birds.

Scientific studies were carried out by teams of:

  • Prof. Skryabin MGAVMiB headed by Professor B. Bessarabov, DPhil (veterinary);
  • VNITIP headed by Professor I. Yegorov, DPhil (biology), Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences;
  • Vyatka State Agricultural Academy headed by Professor I. Konopeltsev, DPhil (veterinary), in Chystye Prudy farm.

The method was implemented on industrial scale in the following battery farms:

  • "Sneshka" (Bryansk Oblast)
  • "Torodischenskaya" (Volgograd Oblast)
  • "Sylva" and "Kalininskaya" (Perm Oblast)
  • "Tardarica" (Samara Oblast)
  • "Sheksninskaya" and "Cherepovetsky Broiler" (Vologda Oblast)
  • "Kovrovskaya" (Vladimir Oblast)
  • "Krasnodarskaya" (Krasnodar Krai)
  • "Agrofirma LUCH" (Moscow Oblast)

Their practice confirmed high efficiency of Lignohumate addition to birds' feed. All versions of feed additive "Lignohumate KD" are certified in Russia (Certificate Nr. -2-3.6/01707). Scope of said feed additive application is widening, so as to cover pig breeding, fur breeding and cattle breeding. Since 2006 "Lignohumate KD" is being certified in EU countries.


  • increase of immunodefence in cows by 9%, higher milk production.
  • increase in laying ability and egg quality; accelerated growth of young animals; gain in weight of broilers; better forage conversion; accelerated growth of beneficial microflora in gastrointestinal tract; mitigation of mycotoxicosis impact; higher chicken survival rate; higher meat quality; higher birds' resistance to stress and unfavourable ambient conditions; development of immune response of bird organism to vaccination; higher cost efficiency of poultry meat and egg production.

Implementation procedures:

Forage additive is used in production of high-quality premixes or combined forages; alternatively, it may be added to drinking water. For premixes Lignohumate label - is used in the amount of 15-30 kg per ton of a premix. As to all-in-one feed, they are either used in form of humated premixes or prepared with stepped mixing of a forage additive with bulk forage in the amount of 150-300 g per ton of feed. Humated feeds are used with a view to increase live weight of broilers in the age of 1 to 28 days.

Both Lignohumate labels may be added to drinking water; in the amount of:

  • chickens in the age of 5 to 10 days 60 mg per kg weight;
  • layers (in order to restore decreased laying ability) 60 mg per kg weight for the period of 5-10 days.

The course shall be then repeated at intervals of 10-15 days until standard laying ability of a cross in question is achieved. The course may also be carried out for the period of 10 days before vaccination, with a view to enhance natural bird resistance (60 mg per kg weight).

Biological properties

Lignohumate KD stimulates metabolism in birds. In particular, it stimulates pancreas performance and enhances forage digestibility. Lignohumate stabilizes endocellular breath. It enhances enzyme activity, synthesis of proteins and carbohydrates, and production of immunocompetent cells.

Instructions on usage


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