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Lignohumate as fodder additive.

Fodder additives based on humic preparations are certified and applied in many countries. Addition of humates to pig fodder (including that in form of water or milk solution prepared not later than 60 days before usage) resulted in liveweight gain of 2,5 kg.

Humate additives contribute into prevention and cure of gastrointestinal disturbances, stronger immune resistance, reduction in loss of cattle by 20-30%, better forage assimilability, and reduction in forage specific consumption by 10-20%. Humate additives also contribute into better taste of meat and dairy products. Additionally, they mitigate stress in cattle caused by industrial conditions of livestock management, strengthen hair coat, boost agility and appetite, thus facilitating rapid and healthy growth of animals.

Addition of humic preparations to combined feed, drinking water, premixes or polysalts is the most practical method of their application. As efficiently humic preparations may be used mixed with mineral feed supplements. E.g., sodium Lignohumate contained in humic shell or mechanical mixture with defluorinated phosphate supplied by JSC PHOSPHORITE substantially increase share of assimilated phosphorus, thus boosting mineral metabolism in animals and birds.

Lignohumate KD is a unique bioactive feed additive based on potassic salts of humic and fulvic acids yielded from lignin-containing vegetable raw materials with original process.

Lignohumate KD is used to enhance survival rate and productivity of chickens and laying hens, as well as milk production of cows. The fodder additive is commercially available as 20% water solution (type KD-B) and powder (type KD-A).

  • Mass fraction of organic matters,
    % of dry substance min. 58
  • Mass fraction of high-molecular humic acids,
    % of organic matters min. 60
  • Mass fraction of fulvic and low-molecular acids (acid soluble fraction),
    % of organic matters max. 40
  • Mass fraction of basic potassium cation,
    % of dry substance min. 8
  • Mass fraction of microelements, %
    copper min. 0.01
    manganese min. 0.01

The product may be supplied mixed with additional microelements. Lignohumate KD is GMO-free; it is completely and easily water-solvable, regardless of water temperature.

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