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Lignohumate in bioengineering

One of Lignohumate application fields is bioengineering, where Lignohumate is used in production of meristematic cultures, as well as in cultivation, industrial manufacturing and application of biological preparations.

Production of meristematic cultures

Due to its unique properties (the preparation does not affect medium pH, does not react with other substances, is thermo- and photostable), Lignohumate in concentrations of 0,001% to 0,15% may be added to nutrient media, used for industrial breeding of virusless cultures without any modification of standard technology.

Long experience of Lignohumate application in industrial production of meristematic cultures, such as potato, apple, pear, plum, cherry, strawberries, carnations, rose, peony, cotoneaster, fern, etc., endorsed its effectiveness. According to field test results, inclusion of Lignohumate in nutrient media accelerates plant growth in meristematic development phase by a factor of 1,5-2. In benchmark tests of seedlings for rooting capacity, rhisogenesis was accelerated by 20-30%, total amount of roots increased by 50%, and density of root fibrils raised considerably. This allows to augment percentage of plants' rooting in soil up to 85-90%. No phytotoxic effects were observed in plants bred on Lignohumate-containing media for 30-60 days, with photoperiod of 16 hours (at 2500-3000 lx). Recommended Lignohumate application rate at rhisogenesis is 100 mg per 1 l water (0,01%).

Production and application of biological preparations.

Many biological preparation producers use Lignohumate in their technologies, and recommend their consumers to apply ignohumate in combination with biological preparations in farming industry.

Use of Lignohumate in biological preparation production results in more intensive growth and vital activity of microorganisms, and considerably improves products' performance in terms of storage and transportation. Lignohumate-containing preparations outperform conventional ones in efficiency by 20-30% when applied to plant treatment and contaminated soil rehabilitation.

"NPO RET" LLC cooperate with:

  • TD "Bisolby", Saint-Petersburg (biologicals for plant growing);
  • JSC "Ecoprom", Saint-Petersburg (oil-decomposing biologicals);
  • "Petersburg Biotechnologies" LLC, Saint-Petersburg (biologicals for plant growing).

Experts of the Company offer our clients recommendations on product application, and provide consultations on permanent basis concerning effective Lignohumate application.

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