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Lucky Cottager.

Our company presents a family of professional humic preparations for gardeners and floriculturists.

Unlike other vendors, we offer for amateur market high-concentrated humic preparations, most popular in professional agriculture and applicable to wide scope of food and industrial crops.

"Crop in Chime with Nature" such is the motto of our company. In compliance with it, we offer natural organic fertilizers in dry and liquid forms under trade marks "Lignohumate" and "Lucky Cottager". Each of our products is harmless for human beings and environment, duly certified, and included in State Catalogue of Pesticides and Agrochemicals Allowed for Application in Russian Federation.

Products from "NPO RATED AT" LLC have been granted a number of Russian and International awards, such as:

  • Gold Medal of International Exhibition "Russian Farmer", Saint-Petersburg, 1991.
  • Gold Medal of International Exhibition "Gardener and Farmer", Moscow, 2003.
  • Gold Medal "Day of Russian Field", 2006.
  • Golden Class, with Flower, of European Agricultural Show "Zeme Zivitolka", Česke Budějovice, Czech Republic, 2006.
  • Gold Medal of All-Russian Exhibition "Dacha, Garden, Vegetable Garden", Moscow, 2006.
  • Silver Medal of International Exhibition "Biotechnologies of XXI Century", Moscow, 2007.
  • Silver Medal of International Exhibition "Biotechnologies of XXI Century", Moscow, 2008.

Our products are in high demand worldwide. Lignohumate is being sold on a large scale in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldavia, Byelorussia, and EU Countries. End users of our products always get rich crop in Chime with Nature.


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