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Lignohumate in landscape gardening

Lignohumate may be applied in landscape gardening in two principal ways:

1. Plant treatment with Lignohumate. Showering of plants with Lignohumate solution promotes seedling establishment, accelerates plant vegetation, and mitigates stress in plants caused by excess of mineral fertilizers or pesticides and sharp drop of temperature. Foliar treatment inhibits development of leaf chlorosis and accelerates plant vegetation (Lignohumate preparation may be mixed in a tank with pesticides and fertilizers). 2. Application of dry Lignohumate in high doses to soil in order to improve its fertility. Application of Lignohumate to soil (at a rate of 200-700 kg/hectare, depending on soil type) allows to enhance its microbiological activity, fix heavy metals and radionuclides, improve soil structure, raise soil temperature due to change in colour, mobilize mineral matters and prevent their washout, and promotes growth of strong root system, thus preventing soil ablation.

Most popular Lignohumate products are available as 20% concentrate of a dry preparation containing up to 90% of active sodium or potassium salts of humic and fulvic acids. The preparation is fully water-soluble and contains no ballast. Optionally, sodium- or potassium-based Lignohumate versions are available, as well as those added with microelements, primarily, in form of chelates.

Currently Lignohumate is widely used by Russian florists, landscape architects and amateur floriculturists.

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Dosing table

Lignohumate solution concentration, % Fertilizer sowing rate per 10 l water

0,011 g.5 ml.10 ml.20 ml.
0,022 g.10 ml.20 ml.40 ml.
0,055 g.25 ml.50 ml.100 ml.
0,110 g.50 ml.100 ml.200 ml.
0,550 g.250 ml.500 ml.1000 ml.
1100 g.500 ml.1000 ml.2000 ml.


Lignohumate solution whose concentration exceeds 1% inhibit plant vegetation.

The following safety provisions apply to handling Lignohumate:

Lignohumate is rated as hazardous matter Class IV; its contacts with eye conjunctiva may cause irritation. Use of goggles and rubber gloves is recommended.

In case of Lignohumate contact with:

  • skin wash affected areas with water;
  • conjunctiva, tunica mucosa of mouth, or respiratory tracts liberally wash affected areas with water or 2% baking soda solution (1 teaspoon per glass of water).

Lignohumate containers shall be stored in a dry room, inaccessible for children and animals, separated from food products, at temperature -10 to +300 (liquid forms) or -200 to +300 (dry forms). Used packing materials shall be disposed as domestic garbage.

Typical Lignohumate applications in landscape gardening

Yearling flowers
Permanent flowers
Ornamental shrubs
Ornamental trees
Ground-covering plants


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