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Lignohumate-based humated organic fertilizers.

HUMICOR fertilizer family includes high-quality organic fertilizers manufactured with unique technology from plant waste (such as bark, sawdust, straw, wheat/buckwheat/rice husk, corn ears, etc.), enriched with humic matters, mineral and biological components. HUMICOR humic components basically consist of Lignohumate containing macro- and microelements: sodium, potassium, calcium, sulphur, silicon, magnesium, iron, copper, and manganese. HUMICOR composition includes up to 5% nitrogen in plant-digestible form.

HUMICOR fertilizers form a basis of ecologically pure soil that provides balanced plant feeding, high crop productivity and quality, both in open ground and hothouses. They may be used for breeding of various agricultural plants (such as cereals, horticultural crops, melons and gourds, turfgrass, flowers, vegetables, grapes, etc.) and fungi substrata preparation.

HUMICOR fertilizers are applied at a rate of 1 to 2 kg per square meter. Their action spectrum is very wide. They:

  • improve soil structure and composition, restoring its fertility;
  • raise humus content in soil by 0,5-0,8% by the end of 2nd year of application;
  • reduce ripening stage of various crops, thus yielding sustainable gain in productivity;
  • have biostimulating effect, particularly with respect to useful soil microflora; boost growth of dark-colour cellulose-decomposing fungi;
  • require no other organic fertilizers such as dung, turf or compost;
  • are highly efficient at urban lawn cultivation on high-saline soil, have sustained effect;
  • raise the amount of earthworms per unit area;
  • protect plants from diseases, clean soil from anthropogenic pollutants (such as nitrates, pesticides, and heavy metal salts);
  • improve consumer properties of the crop, in particular, lesser amount of nitrates accumulated in plants, so as to yield ecologically pure products with prolonged period of storage.

The family includes three fertilizer species: HUMICOR, BIOHUMICOR and SUPERHUMICOR.


HUMICOR is organic nitric fertilizer based on vegetable matters enriched with humic and fulvic acids.

HUMICOR is used in agriculture as fertilizing component of soil medium designed for breeding plants in open ground and hothouses. HUMICOR is particularly suitable for flowers, as it promotes conditions for abundant early blossoming. HUMICOR boosts vegetation of ornamental bushes and perennial plants, intensifies flower colouring and facilitates complete seed ripening.

When used in establishment of decorative lawns, coatings and various grass plots, HUMICOR improves appearance of a lawn, which acquires smooth bright green colour, strengthens grass stand, and boosts rootage growth, so as root mate layer might stand load.

HUMICOR composition:

Mass fractions of useful components, %
Organics, at least 85
Humic substances, at least 5
Total nitrogen, at least 3
Mass fraction of water, % 50-65
Aqueous extract 8,5-9,0


BIOHUMICOR is ecologically pure highly efficient bacterial fertilizer, which basically consists of HUMICOR treated with saprophytic bacteria.

The safest and quickest way to restore soil fertility is insertion of useful microorganisms, which rapidly process organics into mellow nutrient-loaded substance.Soil microorganisms constitute obligatory component of any agricultural system; they have strong enzymatic apparatus, which contributes into smooth functioning of ecosystem as a whole. Saprophytic bacteria used in BIOHUMICOR manufacturing take an active part in substance transformation in soil, thus enhancing its fertility. They are capable to decompose sparingly soluble soil minerals (such as silicates, aluminosilicates, apatites and phosphorites); this results in release of potassium, sodium, calcium and phosphorus, which become thus available for the plants. Besides, bacteria produce bioactive substances that stimulate growth of the plants and protect them from diseases. Bacteria strain in question produce bioactive substances that stimulate growth of the plants and protect them from phytopathogenes. The fertilizer contains no weed grains or pathogenic microflora.

BIOHUMICOR completely covers the requirements for organics and most of mineral components; it makes unnecessary any organic fertilizers, rapidly restore humus and respective soil functions, and inhibits weed development. BIOHUMICOR application increases the amount and size of fruits, and prolongs their shelf life.

BIOHUMICOR is indispensable in hothouse soil treatment; it considerably increases service life of the soil and reduces labour expenditures. BIOHUMICOR weed-suppressing capacity is particularly important in lawn cultivation, where soil high salinity and stiffness are typical issues.

BIOHUMICOR composition:

Mass fractions of useful components, %
Organics, at least 85
Humic substances, at least 3
Total nitrogen, at least 3
Mass fraction of water, % 65-70
Aqueous extract 6,5-7,0


SUPERHUMICOR is highly efficient combined organic-mineral fertilizer, which basically consists of HUMICOR enriched with mineral additives. SUPERHUMICOR is NPK-balanced fertilizer, available in several versions, which may be selected depending on plant requirements (1:1:1; 2:1:1; 1:1:0,5 etc.).

SUPERHUMICOR is intended for improvement of soil structure and raising crop productivity and quality. SUPERHUMICOR is particularly suitable for low-humus soil. The preparation provides sustained effect in grass breeding. With SUPERHUMICOR, any other organic fertilizers and mineral additives are unnecessary.

SUPERHUMICOR composition (1:1:1):

Mass fractions of useful components, %
Organics, at least 80
Humic substances, at least 5
Total nitrogen, at least 8
Plant-digestible phosphorus (25) 7
Potassium (2) 7
Mass fraction of water, % 55-65

"NPO RET" LLC invites farmers, involved in intensive agricultural production, and enterprises, facing problems with plant waste disposal/recycling, to cooperate in the establishment of profitable businesses for production of organic-mineral fertilizers in any agricultural regions of Russian Federation.

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